Demolition Man (1993) 30th Anniversary Commentary Track

This commentary track would not be worth doing if it wasn't for the wonderful performances of so many great actors, and the blood, sweat, and tears put in by writers. At this time the WGA and SAG are on strike for fair compensation. We at the Vundacast support these efforts. 

Stephen, Mr. J, D-rock and Dani have gathered to discuss one of the most fun films of the 90's Demolition Man. We watch a beloved film of our childhood and gush about it for this entire commentary track. Simon Pheonix is one of the best cinematic villains ever and we celebrate him fully on this pod. Dani also explains to us how Austin Powers is a parody of Demoltion Man. Enjoy this commentary track filled with trivia, memories, and nonsense. 

Hear this up!!!


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