#VundaHalloweenathon Day 14: "Southern Gothic"

#VundaHalloweenAthon Day 14: "Southern Gothic"

 Today we take a trip down south for a little southern gothic horror. Ideally today is for true southern gothic movies but any horror set in the south will do--even the global south!


-The Beyond (1981) directed by Lucio Fulci (Italy)
-What Josiah Saw (2022) directed by Vincent Grashaw
-The Night of the Hunter (1955) directed by Charles Laughton
-Frailty (2001) directed by Bill Paxton
-Offseason (2022) directed by Mickey Keating
-The Ruins (2008) directed by Carter Smith (US, Germany, Australia)
-Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) directed by Peter Weir

Stephen and Dani:
-Offseason (2022) directed by Mickey Keating -- Hulu
-The Skeleton Key (2005) directed by Iain Softley (US, Germany)
-Nightmare Alley (2022) directed by Guillermo Del Toro
-Interview with the Vampire (1994) directed by Neil Jordan
-A House on the Bayou (2021) directed by Alex McAulay
-Deliverance (1972) directed by John Boorman

Our official #VundaHalloweenAthon art that features Freddy Kreuger, Captain Spaulding, and Sheetar was done by Josh Stifter who is not only a talented artist but a filmmaker. If you subscribe to his Flush Studios Patreon you will gain access great behind the scenes content from Little Lucia and the Big Deal a wrestling short he is working on, Scumbag the film he's currently editing shot alone during covid, you will be a part of pre-production on Band-Aid face, and Abcess, and access his short films like 1st of November. He has two feature length films: The Good Exorcist is a comedic horror film made for $7000 under the supervision of Robert Rodriguez available on TromaNOW (perfect for "Comedy of Terrors" or "To Hell with the Devil" day) or his Joe Bob's Jamboree Hubbie Award winning second feature film Greywood's Plot (perfect for "Creature Comforts" day) a film about friendship, cryptids and making a monster, out now thanks to Terror Films on digital and Tubi.


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