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Vundacast is a podcast. 

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The Vundacast is the official podcast of Vundablog.com and it is ever evolving.

Our old logo drawn by Stephen. 

Ever changing. 

or Libsyn

Ever Evolving.

logo drawn by Nichola Malara 

We began as several disparate podcasts under the banner Vundacast. First there was Midnight MOVIE Matinee (to talk movies), then Fake Fighting Frenzy(to talk pro-wrestling), and Pop-Culture Flow Chart(to talk comic books and nerd culture). The Vundacast is now a chimera having assimilated all these powers and rising stronger and funnier than ever. The Vundacast. We talk about anything and everything we love. We are the voice of the voiceless. The people's podcast. The greatest podcast no ones ever heard of. 

Check out or intro song by @theJsarge

Best of Our 2018 Podcasts so far...

Vundacast Episodes

Our first ever episode on our podcast feed. We had no title upon recording. Then haphazardly invented the moniker of Midnight MOVIE Matinee. 

Then our second episode many months later. We talk Edgar Wright movies.

Movies we discussed and wish you'd talk to us about.

Our Two Classic Trials of Trivia Episodes!

We experimented a bit early on.
Then after the 2014 Oscars we wanted to do an episode.

We talking wrestling with D-rock


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