THE Read Pile - 2/10/08

Wow! What an awesome week. The top 5 books are my monthly faves. That means that next week is probably gonna stink. 

#1 BOOSTER GOLD #0 - I've never read the actual zero hour mini-series this ties into. I've read summaries and reviews on it and don't reall y feel like it'll be a must read to enjoy this issue.  In fact I feel like Booster Gold might be the best book to help new readers in on dc history.

#2 GREEN ARROW BLACK CANARY #5 - I love Green Arrow and I never know where this book is going. I have no idea what to expect from this book other than high quality.

#3 SALVATION RUN #4  (OF 7) - This book is pretty good thus far. I just hope we see a little more action from the Flash rogues.

#4 NEW AVENGERS #38 - This book is still holding my interest. I'm still kind of pissed that it is absolutely nothing like the comic that it was in issue #1.

#5 GREEN LANTERN CORPS  #21 - The Alpha Lanterns are going to make the Green Lanterns life more complicated...can't wait.

#6 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 11 - Everyone gathering on Apokolips is awesome but what the heck is going on with brother eye and karate kid that story has me mad confused.

#7 X-FORCE #1 - I'm not a big fan of the x-books as of late. And i didn't follow messiah complex, but i think everyone can agree Wolverine really needs to be on more teams(sarcasm implied)

#8 TINY TITANS #1 - This is an all ages book and I don't usually like cartoony art, but the promise of a roster that looks like teen titans unlimited sounds cool. I'm looking forward to seeing what type of mischievous stuff tiny ravager is up to.

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