THE Read Pile - 2/06/08

This week's read pile is a short one. Thank god, my cash flow is low. This looks like a pretty sweet week even though there are only seven books I'm interested in.
1. TWELVE #2 (OF 12) - The first issue of this mini was ridiculously entertaining. I hope it stays up to that level. I love the characters thus far especially the secretly gay hero Dynamic Man. I can't wait to see how his story unfolds. I haven't done any research on this book but i'm curious to know if all the heroes are original or second rate ww2 characters.

2. JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #12 - This book is strong even if the pace has slowed down a little.

3. ALL NEW ATOM #20 - Ryan Choi rules! I am praying for an All New Atom and Blue Beetle mini(don't these characters seem like they should be friends?)

4. COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 12 - This book is hitting its stride and we are finally in the meat of the story.

5. COUNTDOWN SPECIAL OMAC - this has been the part of count down I've been most confused about. It feels really tacked on.  Hopefully this will solidify how this fits into the larger arch.

6. JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #42 - This book is perfect for young readers and new readers. Every story stands alone. The quality of the story varies from month to month but they are mostly good and give a good introduction to the characters and concepts central to the DC universe. 

7. JONAH HEX #28 - Also is a great one and done book. Consistently dark, funny, bloody and cowboytastic. I put it only in the last spot because it will be the desert at the end of my comics feast this week. I'm sure it will be sweet. 


sary23 said…
hey !!! this is so cool, i have never being a fan of comic books, i have never even held one in my hands and yet i find myself attracted to your blog. i really like how you write, this is so interesting. love it.!!!

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