I apologize for the delayed absence. Financial woes have kept me from the comic shop, along with the beginning of the school year and simply trying to figure out my schedule. The only reason you've been seeing venture clips is because I automated them like a month ago. I have a lot to discuss. I have like 3 movie reviews left to type up, some graphic novel reviews of: the dark knight returns(didn't like it), the dark knight strikes again(liked it surprisingly), batman year one(loved it), superman: red son(liked it), and infinite crisis the hardcover edition(undecided as of now).


Jack Rother said…
You may be the only person in the history of the world to:
(1) not like DKR, and
(2) think DKSA is better!

I'm kidding! I'm kidding! You're entitled to your opinion. I'm interested in reading your reviews. I, myself, find Year One to be pretty forgettable and very overrated. All it is to me is a modernization of the Batman origin story. It has none of the artistry of DKR.
Sea_of_Green said…
S'alright, Stephen. Take your time -- we can be patient. :-) We're looking forward to your reviews, though!
Nick said…
Hey dude, least you make an attempt, consistency is all that matters amigo.

Feel you on financial woes.

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