6 reasons to enjoy Night at the Museum battle OF the Smithsonian

6 reasons to enjoy Night at The Museum Battle of the Smithsonian

6. The production design on this film is superb. Everything looks crisp and old and glorious. I wasn't a fan of the first film and was hesitant to see this film but I'm glad I did because it was just good family fun. The films never really deliver on their full potential. You have the possibility to do some really suspenseful, dramatic, and cinematic things with the magical concept. instead we're played for light hearted simple laughs.
5. Hank Azaria was magnificent. His biceps were glorious and his voice really shines. He is such a tremendous actor who I wished had a bigger resume. Love him on the Simpsons, and in films like the Birdcage, and Run Fatboy Run.
4. His evil cronies were fun. I liked the Vader and Grouch cameos and I'll admit it's one of the reasons I actually went to see this film in theatres. Wish Napolean would've had more screen time.
3. Bill Hader is one of my favorite comedy actors of this new millennium he's splendid on SNL and he plays Custer in a very honest, innocent, and fun way. You feel almost bad fro him when you see him realize his place in history. The film is almost about his redemption in a way.
2. This little Gladiator Cowboy relationship was one of my favorite parts of the first film and I'd lobby for a spin-off with them.
1. Stiller keeps the ensemble cast in check and has a nice bit of chemistry with Amy Adams and the storybook ending worked fro me at the end. I liked the film more than I expected to and I think it's a decent family flick. Not the worst way to spend a couple of hours.


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