System of a Down - IZE

As much as I love the System of a Down double album Mesmerize/Hypnotize, I really could have done without a number of the songs from both records. Most double albums probably should have never been double albums. I think SOAD had it right with the process they went through for Toxicity where they recorded somewhere around 30 songs and then whittled that down to 14. However, with the positive response to Steal This Album!, I think they felt like this time they could just leave those songs in and make an epic double album. Unfortunately, they had it right the first time because there's a lot of filler on both albums that doesn't fit in and interrupts the flow of the album. So what did I do? I removed them and reorganized the tracks the way I would have had them in a playlist. I call it "IZE."

1. Intro (Soldier Side)
2. B.Y.O.B.
3. Attack
4. Dreaming
5. Revenga
6. Violent Pornography
7. Kill Rock N' Roll
8. Question!
9. Tentative
10. Lost In Hollywood
11. Hypnotize
12. Sad Statue
13. Lonely Day
14. Soldier Side


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