On May 3rd of the year 2012, there cam a day like no other, we took time off from work to go to AMC SUNSET PLACE and sit through a Marvel movie all day marathon. We took pictures and met cool people and got our minds blown yet again by the Avengers.  
The HALF ASS-embled Avengers. I 'm really just jealous. Thor makes the team though, I have a crush on him.

The Marvel Marathon consisted of all five of the previous Avenger outings, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America, culminating in the midnight 3D release of The Avengers.

We at Vundablog had already seen Avengers, but watching it again was no less exciting and thrilling than the first time. Plus, we got to see the scene that they had been hinting at, the "emergency filmed" scene, and let me just say, it cements my love for Joss Whedon for all time.

See after the jump for more pictures from the event, including all the awesome nerdiest fans in Miami, and please check this link: which is the original Vundablog review of Avengers.


Although we were first over all there was another epic and important person who came in first. At around 8:30-ish the first line-waiter for the midnight Imax showing arrived. 

Theatre doors opened at around elevenish but some jerk face guys who knew some one who worked there weaseled ahead of us and got limited edition comics and their all day marathon passes before us. Some line-waiters banged on the glass and tried to chastise the management but they deferred blame to the guilty parties and said it was out of their hands. 

Avengers comics and the entrance set up for the Marvel Movie Marathon.

This Captain America told me he needed to pose with his shield.

They obviously shouldn't have had..."ANOTHER!"

Green Lantern and Iron Man can be friends.

This Tony Stark has his smirk down pact.
The Avengers Really seemed like a couples movie. 

This guys outfit was shameless.

Avengers/ Chicago Bulls hat that is classy. 

Black Widow came packing heat. 

I think having a Loki helmet is the ultimate big pimping move. 

Me and Dani love dressing up for Avengers too. 


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