Holy shit! Have you seen the greatest thing since sliced bread the glory of the new Star Trek film Teaser Trailer. The Star Trek film that daringly uses Sar Trek as a verb STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. I can not wait to STAR TREK INTO a DARK movie theatre and see the awesome-NESS, projected in the real full screen mode before watching the Hobbit.  I love Star Trek have seen every episode of every series. Was absolutley enthralled by the last J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie which has put Chris Pine on my list of the only dude I'd go gay for, lol. Cumberbatch has some big shoes to fill stepping into the villain role, Eric Bana was intense and had some fantastic line deliveries. I think I'm going to have to catch up on Cumberbatch's Sherlock show to hold me over. 


Julian Perez said…
Interestingly enough, we've only seen "Earth" in Captain Kirk's era once and only once before the movies: in a Talosian illusion in the Menagerie (only two-parter from the original series), where we saw the Mojave desert, which is now green.

The notion the Enterprise can go underwater makes for a great visual but makes no goddamn sense...which is what I'd say about a lot of the Orci/Abrams take.

Reminds me of a bit from Futurama:

"We're at 20 atmospheres of pressure!"

"How many atmospheres can the Planet Express ship take?"

"Well, it's a spaceship. So somewhere between 0 and 1."

If the bad guy turns out to be Khan - the most banal choice imaginable - there is no end to how disappointed I'll be. Lots of this movie will be based on mining visual imagery from Trek's past.

"Hey, remember this, you fat fuck fanboys?"

Who is the bad guy? We know it's someone from Trek, so here are my Vegas style odds:


Khan: 2 to 3
Gary Mitchell: 5 to 1
Garth of Izar: 20 to 1
Finnegan: 10 to 1
The parasite aliens from the TNG episode "Conspiracy:" 500 to 1

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