Saturday Smodcast Share Time: The Knock Off

 If you've enjoyed the previous smodcast share time blog posts I've done, this one will be a slight departure. Thus far, I have only featured official Smodcast Internet Television cartoons. As you will see this next clip is a fan made version of a smodcast show. 

The other unofficial Smodcartoon that capture's my fancy. This is a very rusty semi-crude in a sort of southpark style way, animation for the intro of one of my favorite Kevin Smith podcasts FATMAN ON BATMAN. I love his Fatman on Batman podcasts their the first podcast of his I ripped though before jumping onto smodcast. On the podcast Kev talks with Paul Dini master Batman writer on several episodes. The topic is always some apect of the Dark Knight and the people who make the stories of the bat. Some of my favorite episodes are the two dedicated to Diedrich Bader, and another two Mark Hamill episodes that make you feel like you've experienced a hangout sesh with Mark Hamill.

The last bootleg for your docket is an animation about Scotty having some shower antics involving Taylor Swift and Air supply. I love the way he animates Kev getting high and smoking.



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