Writing Wasted Youth.

I love fiction. I love comics. I love movies.

I have always been inspired by directors that write and direct their own film. Directors like Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, and Quentin Tarantino among many others. I have always aspired to do it myself. To be like those guys in the 90's and write and direct my own way into a Hollywood career. I don;t know if a Hollywood career is what I want. I'd love to stay indie as long as I can pull off the types of movies I want to make. I definitely have a couple of action film trilogies that would be my perfect dream Hollywood fodder. But I'm getting way ahead of myself. As I often do.

In 2005 I wrote a very "bad" script for an Idea I had called Zombie-Boy. I rushed through the screenwriting and was unhappy with my script when reading it now in hindsight. I've lost most of the footage. The only ghost of it's existence is this video her which was a thank you. To the many people who helped make it possible.

I failed.

But I've always known I'd get back on the horse. And I have wrote some more, tried some more, and failed some more since then. Today I start writing again. I will start now. And write for the best hour I can. If I get stuck. I'm going to write about my process and will let you know how I'm doing.

Was just about to write and a friend came to visit. Now I will start writing.

Okay 8 minutes in on my timer.

In the first 3 minutes I was repeatedly asked questions and distracted even though I said I'm writing now.

I wrote about 1 description and three lines of dialogue. back and forth.

Then I started feeling really self conscious about what I'm writing and started to feel stuck.

I have been writing down on ideas on index cards so I had just picked out one and began typing away.

Gonna grab another index card that works with the scene I'm working on, and see what happens.

Ok. I'm done for the day went to for a little over 30 minutes. But am getting to distracted by co-workers to get in a good groove again. I'm done for the day. But let's see how much I get done next time. Possibly tomorrow.

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