The Road to #HELLINACELL -- Prologue

It's a very exciting time here at!  You see, we recently bought ourselves two tickets to something neither of us have ever seen live and in person: a WWE pay-per-view event.  That event is none other than the yearly HELL IN A CELL pay-per-view which is happening October 27th at the American Airlines Arena.  Not only is this awesome in its own right, but it also hugely magnifies the importance of the events of the next six weeks of Raw and Smackdown episodes as they build up to an event we will actually be part of and experience firsthand (I'm not counting Battleground because it's stupid; you can't build up a PPV in 3 weeks so I'm just treating it like one of those TNA free PPVs because fuck WWE).  SIX weeks is a particularly long, slow, epic build for a wrestling pay-per-view and we're so excited about this that we decided to take you all along with us on the journey to HELL IN A CELL!

Let's set the stage before it all begins in just a few short minutes...

-Daniel Bryan has been killing it all summer and had a shot at Money in the Bank but lost out to Randy Orton.  The next night on Raw, GM Brad Maddox told WWE champion John Cena that he could select his opponent for SummerSlam, and, obviously, he picked the INSANELY "over" Daniel Bryan.  Leading up to SummerSlam, Vince McMahon continued to insist that Bryan wasn't cut out to be the face of the WWE and jerked him around via Brad Maddox quite a bit while HHH tried to be the voice of reason and stick up for Bryan.  At SummerSlam, Bryan and Cena had a matchup for the ages (Dave Meltzer gave it 4.5 stars which is a really big deal) and Bryan beat him clean.  But then, Randy Orton showed up to cash in his Money in the Bank contract with a little help from a pedigree by a conniving, backstabbing HHH.  Over the last month, HHH has insisted he did what was best for business and has made Daniel Bryan's life a living hell leading up to his rematch with Randy Orton at Night of Champions last night, which he won thanks to a fast count from the referee.  Tonight we find out if HHH will let Bryan keep the title and how the storyline will move forward from there!

-C.M. Punk was poised to win the very Money in the Bank that ultimately went to Randy Orton but was betrayed by longtime friend and manager Paul Heyman, leading to one of the most genuinely heated feuds in quite some time featuring the two best talkers in the business right now.  C.M. Punk has vowed repeatedly to "burn down everything around" Heyman to get his revenge.  The searing intensity built up to another Meltzer 4.5 star match between Punk and Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam which Lesnar won when Punk became distracted by putting Heyman in the Anaconda Vice, giving Brock the opportunity to smash him with a chair and F5 him onto it for the pin.  The emotional feud continued leading up to Night of Champions with Curtis Axel as Heyman's proxy this time.  At Night of Champions, Punk took on Axel and Heyman in a handicap elimination match where if Axel lost, Heyman would be forced to face Punk.  But just as Punk got his hands on Heyman, Ryback interfered, revealing himself as the newest Paul Heyman Guy by taking Punk out and carrying Heyman to safety.  I, for one, hope that this is leading up to Punk v. Ryback in the cell with Punk getting Heyman alone in the cell if he wins.  Considering Ryback's in-ring work with Daniel Bryan, he and Punk should have a superb match.

-As the new Corporation of HHH, Vince, Steph, Randy Orton, and the Shield have continued to make life miserable for the entire WWE roster, there have been many casualties.  Dolph Ziggler has taken several beatings.  The Big Show has been continuously tortured using his apparent gloomy financial situation as leverage to force him to do or not do things against his will such as KO punch Daniel Bryan or not interfere in blatant beatdowns of Bryan.  Perhaps the biggest collateral damage has been Cody Rhodes, who was forced to wrestle Randy Orton with his job on the line for a fairly benign comment about the new regime.  He lost that match and was promptly fired right when he was about to get married.

-plus a bunch of other stuff no one really cares that much about...

ANYWAY...who's ready to join us as we embark upon the ROAD TO HELL IN A CELL!?

Let the journey begin...

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