Hobbitcore's College Football Corner (Week 10)

Had my worst week of the year last year. The games are getting harder and harder to predict, as they almost always do at this time of the year.

Last Week
Overall: 2-3
Upsets: 0-1

Overall: 42-11
Upsets: 9-5

3:30pm -- #21 Michigan @ #22 Michigan State -- ABC

This is one of those fascinating matchups where one team (Michigan) has a solid offense but no defense and the other team (MSU) has a great defense but no offense. I love these matchups because not only will it be interesting to see Michigan's offense take on Sparty's D but I love watching the other side of the ball to see who can screw up least. What makes this even more difficult to pick is that while I feel confident that Sparty's D is better than Michigan's offense, I also feel confident that the Spartan offense is significantly worse than the Wolverines' defense. At the end of the day, I think MSU's defense makes enough plays on a mistake-prone Michigan offense to put their own offense in good enough position to squeak out a win at home.

Hobbitcore sez: Michigan State

3:30pm -- Georgia v. Florida -- CBS

Joe Tessitore had a great line on CFB Daily about this game: "The World's Largest Outdoor Infirmary." This is such a tough one to pinpoint with both teams decimated by injuries and relegated to mediocrity as a result. My gut is telling me to go with Aaron Murray but my brain is telling me his receivers can't possibly match up with the Gators' secondary. I'm going with my gut.

Hobbitcore sez: Georgia

7:00pm -- #18 Oklahoma State @ #15 Texas Tech -- FOX

This is another tough one. Both teams have the ability to put up a lot of points, OSU on the ground and TTU through the air. Last week, Oklahoma racked up 277 yards on the ground with FIVE players rushing for 35 yards or more and Oklahoma State is averaging about 166 yards per game on the ground this year with 19 rushing TDs. They'll be able to keep up with the Red Raiders on the scoreboard because they'll keep them off the field just long enough to win a shootout in Lubbock.

Hobbitcore sez: Oklahoma State

8:00pm -- #7 Miami (FL) @ #3 Florida State -- ABC (UPSET ALERT)

Florida State is a 21 point favorite in this one. 21 points in a matchup of unbeaten top 10 Miami and Florida State. No one is giving the Canes a chance in this game and if there's one thing we know about the Canes it's that when no one gives them a chance--especially in the biggest game of the year by far--is when they shine the brightest. The Canes will want to make this one messy and force as many turnovers as they can. I still don't think they have enough to match up with the ridiculously talented FSU skill position players but I sure as hell don't think they'll lose by three scores.

Hobbitpick: Florida State 23, Miami 20

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