nineinchnails Mix CD

So at the very last minute an old friend of mine who works at the BB&T Center was able to snag me an extra ticket to see the almighty NIИ live in concert. It was my first time ever seeing NIИ live and it definitely did not disappoint. I'll have a full review up soon but for now, I was inspired to craft this sweet mix CD of 20th century NIИ songs (their 21st century material doesn't really do it for me). Enjoy!

1. Pinion
2. Wish
3. Mr. Self Destruct
4. Somewhat Damaged
5. The Day the World Went Away
6. Heresy
7. March of the Pigs
8. Something I Can Never Have (Still)
9. The Frail
10. The Wretched
11. We're In This Together
12. The Fragile
13. Just Like You Imagined
14. Dead Souls
15. Head Like a Hole
16. Terrible Lie
17. Hurt

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