Filmmaker Fandom Friday: An Interview with John Carpenter (8/2/11)

This is a new segment at the Vundablog. It's a chance to share some great clips and interviews with some of my favorite filmmakers. So let us bask in the wisdom of the man whose film bears the name of the Holiday we celebrate this month,  Halloween. I love John Carpenter he's directed Kurt Russell (my favorite actor) in some of his most memorable and iconic films. He has a filmography that rivals anyone in the business Prince of Darkness, They Live, The Thing, Halloween, Escape from New York and LA, Vampires, the Ward, and The Fog to name a few of his best. He's also the director behind one of my all time favorite films Big Trouble in Little China. We will be thinking about him and the other horror masters all month long on Filmmaker Fandom Friday.


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