Vundacast ch. 27 Midnight MOVIE Matinee Tusk ep. 9

This weeks Vundacast is for all you smodophiles, all you Kevin Smith fans, and all you horror fans. Stephen and Danielle do an episode of Midnight MOVIE Matinee (our movie review show) where we talk about the incredible podcast tale of Tusk. We breakdown the many highs and debatable lows of the newest Kevin Smith film Tusk. We ask the tough questions like why did Kenny Rogers roaster die? and who derailed our podcast? We also do lots of silly voices and go off on random tangents about Heaven is Real movie, Steve Austin's podcast, Boston Market, Sean William Scott and Paul Walker, and the best usage of Jay and Silent Bob to name but a few of our digressions. We recommend if you are a horror fan able to see Tusk in a theater you do so quickly while it's still in theaters, as this film needs your support.


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