VUNDACAST ch 74 & 75 Star Wars 7 The "Debate/Commentary" Awakens FULL

On this two part edition of the Vundacast we do commentary for Disney's Star Wars The Force Awakens.

We do it in typical Vundacast over the top fashion by getting 7 people to do commentary together. The commentary was divided into two teams. Team Appreciators made up of Vundacast stalwart host Stephen, lovable co-hostess with the most-ess Danielle, and podcast newcomer Rabies(a diehard Star Wars fan). The Haters were made up of Pop-Culture Flowchart maestro Mr. J, Miami filmmaking darling Andres, and the Blockbusterguy himself Frank. Keeping the peace on this episode is Beautician and the Beast expert Mrs. J with super special animal guest stars Lily and Jasper.

Episode 74

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Episode 75

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This is the action packed star studded anniversarial podcast you have been waiting for. You can hear the audio tracks divided in two parts with outro and intro by Vundacast Veterans on episode 74 and 75 of the iTunes feed or if you're feeling like actually syncing up our audio with your film you can use the vimeo video below to make it easy. We've had a blast on this 75 epsiode adventure thanks for listening, tell your friends, spread the word, let's take this show bigger and better places.


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