VUNDACAST Ch 100 The Trials of Trivia Returns

Hosts: Stephen, and Game Goulet (aka Stephen doing Will Ferrel's Robert Goulet Impression with a Triple H mask on)

Competitors: Danielle aka Chicken Nugget aka the Co-Hortress, Derrick aka D-rock World Heavyweight Podcast Champion of the world, Mr. J aka DC Super Fan aka former Trials of Trivia Champion, Frank aka the Blockbuster guy aka podcast editing wizard, and introducing special guest Satya our wild card Harry Potter nerd.

The show celebrates 100 episodes of random with an encore of our 63rd episode the Trials of Trivia. Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Simpsons, Rocky, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Harry Potter as well as special Game Goulet Christmas Trivia is the cause of arguments and hilarity on this very special episode. We extend to you a heart felt thanks for downloading this episode and being apart of our 100 episodes just by listening quietly. We hope the next 100 are even better, come out consistently, and help grow our humble podcast to heights we have not yet reached. THANK YOU!!

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