Unlocked Vundacast Vault X-men Spectacular

Intro Hosts: Stephen & Blockbuster Guy Frank
Part1 Hosts: 2013 version of Stephen & Danielle
Part 2 Hosts: 2014 version of Stephen & Mr. J
Part 3 Hosts: 2014 version of Stephen, Danielle, &nD-rock

Stephen and Frank open up the Vundacast vault and introduce some X-men themed episodes. The 1st clip after the intro by Stephen and Frank is the very 1st episode of the Vundacast where Stephen has no idea how to podcast and Dani has to deal with it. The second is a never before heard discussion  with Mr. J and Stephen when they use to fly under the moniker of PCFC, they discuss their own personal X-men history, and X-men Days of Future Past(2014). Finally also released from the vault Stephen, Danielle, and D-rock discuss the X-men: Days of Future Past film after seeing it in theaters in 2014 and geek out hard.

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