So the first full length trailer for Lucha Underground's long-awaited fourth season (premiering June 13th on El Rey Network which is in 34 days not that I have my Google Chrome Countdown extension counting down the days or anything) has arrived and

Let me try to break this down as best I can...

-We get a few glimpses of the new Temple including seeing that Matanza now no longer even has a cage to contain him which is clearly going to work out SUPER well
-Johnny Mundo and Taya are apparently ninjas now and possibly sneaking into the place where Matanza is chained up for some reason? Or perhaps sneaking into somewhere else to steal THE GAUNTLET OF THE GODS? (more on that later)
-Daivari is some kind of magic woodland king now or something and has a weird masked dude maniacally laughing in a woodland cage
-Ricky Mundo has a creepy doll now
-We see a VERY interesting glimpse of an uneasy alliance between Aerostar, El Dragon Azteca Jr., and King Cuerno--who stole the Gauntlet of the Gods at the end of season 3--discussing what to do about the gauntlet and seeming to decide they need to send it back in time?!?! (I think that's what Cuerno said) But apparently the gods are too strong now? I DON'T KNOW.
-Katrina appears in Cuerno's creepy taxidermy room, assumedly seeking out the Gauntlet of the Gods that Mil Muertes won at the end of season 3, only to be attacked by Cuerno and have it stolen by him.
-There's some kind of marine-looking dude who appears to be someone new.
-Johnny Mundo apparently gets his hands on the Gauntlet of the Gods at some point and it gives him LIGHTNING EYES.
-Matanza escapes because obviously.
-Two ladies are having quite the knock down drag out but it's hard to see who they are. It looks like they could very well be Katrina and her mother, Captain Vasquez.
-The Rabbit Tribe looks like they've fucking MURDERED someone which is a VERY dark turn for what has been a very light-hearted stable up to this point.
-Someone else apparently steals Ricky Mundo's creepy doll and possibly Ricky Mundo then murders them?
-The Reptile Tribe looks like they're going to capture Johnny Mundo at some point
-We get a glimpse of a Pentagon/Matanza rematch of their season 2 clash (will Matanza regain the title?!)
-Also appearing and therefore confirmed to be returning (or debuting!): Kobra Moon, Fenix, Rabbit Tribe, Cage, Mil Muertes, Vibora, Pentagon Dark (THANK GOD), TOMMY DREAMER, Mariposa, Joey Ryan, Officer Reyes, Jeremiah Crane, JACK SWAGGER, Drago, Marty the Moth, The Mack, and many more I couldn't recognize
-AND OH YEAH, Dario Cueto appears to be either returning in disguise or just playing a new character (HIS DAD?!?!) and that's...a lot...especially considering he was possibly maybe (probably not) murdered at the end of season 3



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