The First Official Trailer for Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone Reboot Is Here and It's Exquisite

The first official full length trailer for Jordan Peele's highly anticipated reboot of The Twilight Zone is here and it is LIT. I might actually have to consider subscribing to CBS All Access for this.

One thing worth noting that I think is very interesting is how many comedic actors are featured in this. Adam Scott (Parks and Rec, Apatow family of films) and Kumail Nanjiani (stand-up comedian; though he did write and star in The Big Sick which was more dramatic but still a comedy) have very prominent roles and John Cho (Harold and Kumar) and Tracy Morgan (Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock) are also featured. Feels like a conscious decision to create as much levity as possible within which to contextualize/juxtapose the horror which is really, really cool. Can't wait to see more!


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