The Vundacast 4/20 Hall of Fame -- "The Dude"

We here at the Vundacast are celebrating the the truly momentous occasion of being blessed with an entire month of 4/20 with the establishment of the Vundacast 4/20 Hall of Fame. Throughout April we will be honoring our top twenty favorite fictional stoners leading up to the epic 4/20 of 4/20 (4/20 SQUARED!) when we will celebrate the greatest 4/20 of all time from the comfort and safety of quarantine. (cries) But this is a joyous occasion! So on to our first inductee:

"The Dude"

Our first inductee may have been born Jeff Lebowski but like Batman reforged his identity into "The Dude." Dedicated to peaceful co-existence with a harsh world the Dude lives by the creed of "Take It Easy" (but he hates the fuckin' Eagles) and in this way he serves as light in the darkness--like the smoking of a tiny roach. That falls in your lap. And makes you crash your car.

Immortalized by the Coen Brothers in the 1998 film The Big Lebowski, The Dude has lived on in the hearts and minds of millions he has inspired fashion, culture, and entire religion, and even Avengers: Endgame.

 Most recently he was reawakened for a Super Bowl halftime commercial. 

And Jeff Bridges channeled him to put John Goodman in the Walk of Fame. 


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