Saturday, April 18, 2015

B&R: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

There's new bat-footage in the universe. Enjoy it in it's pristine format right now and check out these screen shots from the trailer.

The metropolis cityscape. 

Superman either at a Day of the Dead festival or having another dream skull themed dream. 

Superman kicking it old school. 

The cityscape with an ominous statue getting ever closer. 

Superman with soldiers bowing to him?

Superman with a fan. 

Oh wait some graffiti artist doesn't like Superman. 

Bat-fleck! Looking intense! Woah!

Staring at the batsuit! Which is probably real but looks cgi to my eye for some reason. 

Zooming in on the cowl!!!!

Batman in a gritty alley!

The batwing causing some explosions!

The batwing from it's tail. 

Abrief taste of the new batmobile in the midst of battle. 

Batman! In the suit! Looking shadowy, strong, and beefy!!

 Bat-fleck trying to one up Nolan. 

An armored Batman with white glowing eyes!!!!!!!!!

Illuminated by lighting flashes!!

The footage from comiccon last year. 

Superman's view of how cool Batman looks. 

Superman flys down to throw down and Batman doesn't flinch.


V Batman!
Dawn of Justice! 

Damn,  I'm excited for this. How about you DC Nation?? 


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