So and the Vundacast was well represented at this year's Miami Hurricon 2015. Danielle, Stephen, Mr. J and Mrs. J hosts of the Vundacast were manning the table and selling sweet mystery bags we called Vunda-bags, and we had a small raffle for some choice lootcrate items. We had a ton of fun meeting new people, spreading the word about the podcast and website, and we were giving out mixtapes to people we thought were cool. The Video Mixtapes given out at the con were the Power Rangers Mixtape Vol. 1, TMNT Mixtape, a Bee and Puppycat Mixtape, and  DC Comics Dynamic Dames Mixtape. They were a big hit and we look forward to feedback. All in all the UM Anime Club did a great job of organizing an awesome event, so many thanks to them and their crew.

Here are the cosplay pictures we snagged through out the day. Sorry for some blur in some of the pictures. We went with our cellphones because we didn't want to worry about the fancy camera while we were selling and meeting people through out the day. If your pictured below and want me to link to something either comment below or shoot me an email. If you gave me your info to link to something and the link isn't there it's cause I couldn't find you so please shoot me the link and I'll edit this post for the future. 

Some impressive Megamen. 

 A Green Lantern form Badger Studios.

One of our heroes Speed Racer!

Our favorite Cruela DeVille Natasha.

A super cool Fro-zone.

A shy charmander.

A fetching Drogo look alike. 

The mother of dragons.

A spot on Raven from the Teen Titans. 

A cute Kiki. 

A badass Bray Wyatt.

An adorable Ed from Cowboy Bebop and Pikachu.

A Tina that looks like she stepped right out of Bob's Burgers.

Another more feminine Pikachu. 

A sweet Sailor Chibi.

A Jack Skellington that's ready to Trick or Treat.

A cool Korra.

The Winter Soldier version of Captain America.

Blossom! Commander and the Leader!

Saw a Shredder and shared a TMNT Mixtape with her. 

Met some Disney Princesses. 

Some arcade legends.

A Ravenclaw.

Link looking like he's ready to Smash some Bros. 

A genuine Baymax,

Tank Girl and company. 

Spider-Gwen with her Spider-man. 

Rorschach was locked in their with us.

A very creative Tortoro riding a Catbus.

Hula Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.

 A beautiful Belle.

And Steven!!!

Some deadly looking Mandalorians. 

Thanks for checking out the pictures and don't be a stranger to the site. Check out our podcast the Vundacast we aim to do four podcasts a month this year and we'll be talking about Hurricon on our next episode. 

Also comments are welcome. Once again sorry for the quality of some of the pictures. If you're pictures are up here and you want us to link to whatever you got, leave a comment or shoot us an email with the link to Vundablog@gmail,com and I'll edit the post accordingly. 


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