Force Sensitive: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2

The more they show the more I want to see. All the visuals are so dramatic and alluring Here are some of my favorites.

Love the scope in this shot, and you can feel an swesome movie sequence and video game level from its visual. 

And we get a tease of what the scene will be. 

The Empire looks proud and majestic. 

As does the Rebellion. 

The villains look oh so evil. 

Especially this guy who I'm imagining will have  Boba Fett level of cool in this movie. 

I just wonder if this Sith is the same as the dark trooper above or a separate character.. 

BB-8 steals the trailer with his cuteness yet again. Seeing BB-8 peaking around the halls of the Millennium Falcon is adorable. 

The Abrams-esque action is on display. 

As well as old friends. 

And dark omens from the past.


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