This is a new segment I've decided to spawn, to share those rare bits of internet filmilc gold that flash across my screen.  

Donald Duck/Lars Von Trier Parody Trailer

Everyone once in a while an exceptional trailer comes across youtube that must be shown to as many eyes as possible. This is one such trailer. Combining the style and power of Lars Von Trier with the well known Donald Duck disney adventures is a fantastical endeavor. Who knew gritty drug use and Donald Duck went together so well? This trailer is not for the little ones, but it is for everyone else with an intact funny bone.

Avengers Sweded Trailers

I saw the Avengers before you! Yes I know. I am awesome. These sweders are also awesome for their expertly made sweded Avengers Trailers. That's right trailers as in two versions. Get hyped for Avengers it's worth it. I wanna swede movies to now.


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