Coming SOON

 Coming SOON

I'd like to use my blog this Vundablog to promote new and unique movies, ideas, music, etc. Everything. Why? Because everyone makes remakes nowadays. It's lazy. You should make makes. New things or at least your version of old ideas and stand on your own. So with that thought and intentioin in mind. Hopefully, Coming SOON will be the place to express promotion for the under promoted.

One of my favorite films is They Live. For reasons like this.

Thanks to the always entertaining on point Russ Fischer of one of my favorite sites I have come across this fascinating trailer. This is on my need to watch list of 2012. Iwant to actively support interesting unique special looking films like this one enjoy this trailer for Branded.

It has a total They Live feel, with hints of the Matrix, or and Alex Proyas film, or Terry Gilliam film right?


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