Politicus Thoughtasuarus

I have always been taught the significance of a good political cartoon. I have had several history teachers that would love to bombard me with political cartoons in classes, to better understand historical and political debates in the time period of study. Healthcare is an issue of importance to all Americans. It's a polarizing issue and there are no right answers. However, there is common sense, which I think many people feel our governement doesn't have much of these days. 

Thanks to the fine people at Kaiser Health News this wonderful cartoon by Jen Sorensen is making its way around the web. I love the simplicity of it. Politicians make it sound unreasonable that the government should pay for peoples healthcare when the government already pays for theirs. I'm going to have to keep this cartoonist on my radar now.

Click over for the rest of the four page cartoon explaining the pitfalls of the individual healthcare market, especially for small business owners.



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