Hobbitcore's College Football Corner (Week 9)

I know, I know, I've been gone a long time. I've been a busy man these last couple weeks. I'm also starting to realize that it's time to dramatically reimagine these posts. They simply take up too much of my time and I always seem to either barely get it posted before noon Saturday or not even make it and have to post a half-assed version until I finish--and sometimes I don't even post it at all. So I'm taking a pair of scissors to this column.

First of all, no more headlines. Coming up with headlines every week is always the most time-consuming part and it's really not important enough to continue doing it. So from now on, it will be straight to the picks.

Also, all the crap at the bottom--the Heisman ballot, out-of-whack spreads, BCS projections--is out too. Maybe when we start getting down to the last few weeks I'll start making separate posts about the Heisman and the BCS but predicting it every week is pointless. I also won't be making picks for totally uninteresting games just because they're on TV. If at least one ranked team is involved, I'll at least consider making a pick, but if that one ranked team is top 10 and it's going to be a blowout, forget it.

Last but not least, I'm going to keep the blurbs about each game to a bare minimum as much as possible. If there's nothing to say about a particular game, I'll say so. If there's a lot to say, I'll keep it as short as possible. I will still be doing upset alerts and will bring back the Game of the Week but I won't be doing the "keys to the game" thing.

In fact, in an emergency, don't be surprised to just see a list of games and my picks for them.

Anyway...try to enjoy the column without all that window dressing. I know it's for the best.

Three Weeks Ago
Overall: 8-0
Upsets: 2-2 (Stanford and FSU won in blowouts, so those are losses)

Overall: 40-8
Upsets: 9-4


12:00pm -- #24 Nebraska @ Minnesota -- ESPN (UPSET ALERT)

Minnesota is coming in with some momentum after a big road win over Northwestern. The home crowd will be jacked but Northwestern may not have been all they were cracked up to be in spite of an impressive showing against the Buckeyes. Upset Hobbit thinks it will be close but that Taylor Martinez will be too much against a Gophers D that's given up 20+ points in 6 of its 7 games (3 of which were against UNLV, New Mexico State, and San Jose State).

The Upset Hobbit sez: Nebraska

3:30pm -- Tennessee @ #1 Alabama -- CBS

I'm really tempted to wake up the Upset Hobbit again because Butch Jones really has this team believing in themselves but A. I didn't think the South Carolina win was as impressive as it seemed, B. the two times the Vols played on the road this year, they got decked by Oregon and lost convincingly to an utterly mediocre Florida team, and C. Alabama is starting to feel a little forgotten and disrespected with all the talk about Florida State and Oregon and the fairly unimpressive nature of their resume so far. I think Bama makes a statement on national TV after playing 4-6 games in a row no one has cared about.

Hobbitcore sez: Alabama

3:30pm -- #10 Texas Tech @ #15 Oklahoma -- FOX

This Texas Tech team looks like it just might be for real. Coming into Norman is a huge test but with the Sooners ailing on defense and the Red Raiders playing the best D they've played in years to go with a potent offense, I like Tech to pull off the huge road win.

Hobbitcore sez: Texas Tech

7:00pm -- #21 South Carolina @ #5 Missouri -- ESPN2

I'm still not convinced Missouri is the #5 team in the country. South Carolina is coming off a very tough loss to Tennessee which could give them a chip on their shoulder but I just don't know how focused and ready this team is going to be. This whole thing with Jadeveon Clowney seems to have taken the air out of their season fast. I feel like anything could happen in this one but I'm going with Mizzou QB James Franklin to be the difference.

Hobbitcore sez: Missouri


7:00pm -- #12 UCLA @ #3 Oregon -- ESPN

UCLA has been impressive but they finally faced a team with a pulse last week and Stanford beat them fairly easily. Oregon is almost untouchable at Autzen Stadium. I don't even need to wake the Upset Hobbit for this one. Good thing, cuz I'm totally stealing his pipeweed. ;)

Hobbitpick: Oregon 41, UCLA 22

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