B&R: Batman 75 Panel @wondercon

This is an awesome Batman 75 panel from Wondercon. I will weigh in with my answers to the topics poised.

Favorite Batman Villain

It's hard to pick just one villain from Batman's villains they are all so iconic and memorable even the bad ones like Killer Moth and Crazy Quilt. Gun to my head though the only choice is the Joker. He has the strongest hero/villain dynamic in all of comics and possibly all of pop culture. He has an amazing look and concept, the best Batman's stories all have him as an element if not the driving force. He's as equal an icon as Batman.

Batman 66
I read the first couple of issues of this book and enjoyed it but I can't afford to carry it on my weekly pull. list. I will definitely be picking up the team up with Green Hornet in Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman's upcoming Batman 66 run. I also dig the classic 66 Batman show and would love to meet Adam West.

The Dark Knight Returns

I've never been a fan of the seminal Frank Miller work. I'm not much of a fan of Frank Miller on the whole. The only project he's involved with I'd consider myself a fan of are the Robert Rodriguez Sin City movies. I found DKR to be kind of one note and which isn't a bad thing in a comic but I didn't particularly like that note. I read it when I first got into comics and may need to re-read it to fully appreciate it. I enjoyed the sequel The Dark Knight Strikes Again more than the original cause it involved more of the Justice League.

Batman 1989

I grew up on this movie. My family had a van with a TV in it (which was very uncommon in the 1990's) and Tim Burton's Batman was one of the few movies in constant rotation. It's my earliest basis for super hero story telling in my mind. Looking back on it now it has it's deliciously cheesy parts but overall it stands up. It changed the game and started a trend that has taken over the film industry.

Batman: The Animated Series

I love this series. It's also something I was indoctrinated with at an early age. I spent every afternoon or saturday morning watching it and learning about Batman mythology. This series is timeless and will probably be enjoyed till the end of time itself.

Batman 75 Bruce Timm 1939 Batman short

I posted about this awesome short. I dig the style of 1939 serials they used in this short it makes me nostalgic for an era I have no right being nostalgic for.

Batman Beyond

I didn't initially love Batman Beyond. I remember seeing the first episode on Saturday morning and was confused and scared of what they'd done to my precious Batman. Then I heard Kevin Conroys voice realized this was a part of continuity and felt a little safer. I loved seeing all the new villains created for the show and watching the growth of Terry who've I come to love as Batman. Batman Beyond and the DCAU are classic and deserve a notable place in Batman history.

Batman 75 Darwyn Cooke Batman Beyond Short

We posted about this short which we loved. The concept of seeing Batman Vs. Batman Beyond is a lot of fun and is a fanboy discussion I've had before. Bruce Wayne obviously wins in my conversations.

Batman Hush

I read this book in a book store and never purchased it. I spent like 3 or 4 hours pouring over it and enjoyed it but didn't feel like this was a critical story to own. Primarily because I enjoyed Hush more in mystery than I did as an actual villain.

All Star Batman and Robin 

I read the first five issues or so of this series when it first came out and then their were shipping issues and I lost track of the series. I loved the art the story not so much.

The Dark Knight Trilogy

I loved Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I was less in love with The Dark Knight Rises due to it's deviation from Batman mythology and character. Overall the trilogy is strong and will be remembered  for it's gritty realness.

Current run of Batman 

I have the Court of Owls volume 1 tpb sitting in my to read pile, So once I read that I'll have a more concrete opinion. I've picked up random issues of Batman and Detective comics through out 2013 and found them to be entertaining but not enough to hook me in. 

Lego Batman

Lego Batman is awesome. I own quite a few of him, he's always super fun to play with and build things for. His movie interpretation is equally so. Will Arnett does a great job of imbuing the gritty Batman voice with fun.  


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