Update on Daniel Bryan's Condition (SPOILERS) and Money In the Bank Theory/Fantasy Booking (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

So the big news of the day is that Daniel Bryan will not be cleared to compete in this month's Money In the Bank pay-per-view and therefore will likely--probably tonight--be stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This means that the Money In the Bank match at the PPV will likely be for the championship rather than for the briefcase(s) and contract(s). But it doesn't necessarily have to be. Not exactly.

Here's what I propose:

Reveal tonight on Raw that HHH has inked a deal with Daniel Bryan to split the titles back up again and have Bryan forfeit either the WWE Title or the World Heavyweight Championship while retaining the other. This effectively turns HHH on Steph while still essentially keeping him heel because he believes Daniel Bryan is "best for business" and can make The Authority a lot of money but Steph disagrees because he's insubordinate and beloved and a legitimate threat to their power and she learned from her dad that when you're up against someone like that, you have to break him by any means necessary.

Plus, now you can have a MITB match for either title and do another MITB match for a briefcase that gives the winner his choice of which title to go after (because one of the two guys always ends up stuck in a loop for a while, having one is so much better). And people won't just assume it will be the WWE Title because the WHC will be more prestigious than it's been in years either in the hands of Daniel Bryan or the winner of one of the 3-5 highest profile matches of the year (up there with Royal Rumble, WrestleMania main event, Undertaker WM match [R.I.P.] [I hope], and that's about it).

With Cesaro heavily rumored to be the pick to win the MITB match, the WHC would be the perfect title to put on him. But you could also put the WWE Title on him and the WHC on Bryan, bringing the prestige of the WHC to effectively equal the WWE Title while still elevating Cesaro.

From a creative standpoint, it also really opens up a lot of possibilities. First of all, even if the WWE Title is the one up for grabs, it opens up the field in terms of who could conceivably win the match. Think about it, does anyone really think Alberto Del Rio stands a chance in this match? But make it for either one title or the other (particularly the WHC), and suddenly it doesn't seem so far-fetched for him to win.

Rollins has to be considered a leading candidate for the MITB match as well. Certainly no one expects him to win the currently unified title any time soon but he would benefit immensely from the WHC or WWE Title or even the briefcase. You could even have him win the title and then have Evolution screw him and replace him with the briefcase winner (Ambrose? Reigns? Bo Dallas? CM Punk?). The possibilities are endless!

Not to mention the possibilities that come with having one briefcase winner who can choose his title. Not only is the MITB match more important with only one briefcase on the line but the amount of potential creative directions that stem from letting the guy choose his title is so much better than the alternative. Plus, it opens up the possibilities of who could win even more.

If I was booking this, Bryan would give up the WWE Title and Cesaro would win it with Seth Rollins taking home the briefcase. Cesaro would beef with a returning Brock Lesnar, dropping the title to him at Battleground after being betrayed by Heyman. Then, Lesnar would challenge Bryan to a title vs. title match (NOT a title unification, just a match for both titles) and lose clean but then get angry and destroy Bryan, leading to Rollins cashing in and taking the WWE Title, leading to a feud between Shield members over the title and, hopefully, eventually, Bryan reclaiming it at WrestleMania.

Whatever happens, Money In the Bank promises to be the most interesting PPV WWE has put on since WrestleMania.


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