VUNDACAST ch. 38 Shock Pop Comiccon Preview

On this week's Vundacast Stephen sits down with Mr. J and Mrs. J to talk about Shock Pop Comiccon coming to Ft. Lauderdale Florida February 13th - 15th. The Vunda-team goes through the celebrities/guests that they are interested in and announce what celebrities we'll get their hard earned dollars. Also Stephen announces some upcoming interviews he'll be conducting at the con. Lots of speculation, adoration, and anticipation on this special Vundacast. Tweet us your thoughts and comments either @vundablog or @vundacast

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Let us know who you're looking forward to and please subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher. Click through the link below to see some of their guests. Diamond Dallas Page who was booked for this con and we talk about at length in the podcast is undergoing health issues and most likely may not attend. 


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