Flicks for Thought

So this is a big summer at the movies.

Somehow it seems to be even bigger than last year's which rocked my world with Live Free or Die Hard(Awesome), Fantastic Four 2(Weak), Transformers(Awesome), 300(Weak), Knocked Up(Awesome),Stardust(Weak), Superbad(Awesome),Spiderman 3(Weak), Pirates 3(Awesome), Simpsons (Meh), and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Meh). All in all an impressive line up but this summer might very well blow it's top off.  So I've decided I'm going to rate my expectations.

For a foreseeable failure in the making  I will go with the Flash's weakness. I don't know if it's actually a weakness, but whenever the flash becomes fat it's usually a pretty sucky time for him. So I'm expecting said fat flash flick to be pretty lame and uncomfortable. 

For some slight menace I will go with the weakness of wood, that Green Lantern Alan Scott has to suffer. The movie with this description is maybe gonna be kind of clever but not anything more than serviceable. 

For a movie that I hold high expectation. I'll go with the first superhero weakness. The most scary thing ever a green rock. Said film which garners this rating will rock like kryptonite.

Iron Man =  The trailers look good, special effects look good, and Downey Jr. looks straight up bad ass.

Speed Racer =  I like the Wachowski's over all, Matrix sequels be damned. Hopefully this delivers some fun.

Indiana Jones =  I'm a big Indy fan and a big Shia Lebouef fan so this is a no brainer.
Chronicles of Narnia 2 =  Didn't like the first one. I doubt I'll even watch this.

 The Happening =   I'm an M. Night fan. Unbreakable is pure genius hopefully this is in that vein.
Get Smart =  I was not expecting to watch this but the trailer was [pretty good so I'll give it a shot but want to remain cautious with my expectations.

Wanted =  I have no interest in this.

Hellboy 2: the Golden Army =  I'm a Del Toro fan boy so I'll be there opening night.

Hancock =   My Super Ex-Girlfriend sucked this looks like it's following those foot steps.

The Dark Knight =  Who does not think this is going to rock?

Step Brothers =  Apatow can do no wrong.

Wall E =   Meh, these pixar movies are hit or miss for me.

Mummy 3 =  I love the first two mummy flicks. This doesn't have the same director and will have chinese Mummy's and that sounds dumb as hell. My expectations are lower than low. 

Tropic Thunder =  Downey Jr. as a white guy playing a black guy. I'm there.

The Incredible Hulk =  I'm not a big Hulk fan so I'm not hyped for this.

and Pineapple Express =  Apatow can do no wrong.

How you guys feeling about the summer flicks?

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