the read pile - 4/16/08

Sorry that I haven't been around lately, I've been really busy with work and finals, by the end of this week I will return in full force and address the various loose ends floating around on my blog.

#1 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 2 - It is finally here GIANT TURTLE OLSEN! I look forward in seeing Brian's reaction

#2 BRAVE AND THE BOLD #12 - The entire DCU teaming up to take down the threat of Megistus, has my interest peeked. Interested to see where the series goes form here.

#3 X-MEN DIVIDED WE STAND #1 (OF 2) - This looks really cool. I like the fact they are giving Anole some attention please don't kill him.

#4 LONE RANGER #11 - This such a fun book why does it feel like every month it takes longer and longer to get to me.

#5 SALVATION RUN #6 (OF 7)- Lex Luthor versus the Joker, this sounded alot more cooler and fun before Grodd fell off a cliff.

#6 DC WILDSTORM DREAMWAR #1 (OF 6)- I'm not a big wildstorm fan but seeing them duke it out with DCU classics sounds like fun.

#7 IRON MAN LEGACY OF DOOM #1 (OF 4)- Wow there's like a hundred iron man books all of a sudden. I wonder if there's a movie coming out or something?

#8 STAR TREK YEAR FOUR ENTERPRISE EXPERIMENT #1- A sequel to classic trek episode,  interesting idea.

#9 TANGENT SUPERMAN'S REIGN #2 (OF12) - I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with this book for 12 issues, things are going to have to get interesting for me to stay on it.


This is a new mini segment I've decided to add into the read pile to spice it up.

Check out the coolness of Mr. T vs. Dracula and Dinosaurman. I would totally buy this comic. Wouldn't you?

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