the read pile - 4/9/08

#1 BOOSTER GOLD #8 - Anyone who follows the blog, knows how I feel about this Booster Gold series. I'm going to have to come up with something interesting to say about it.

#2 TITANS #1 - I'm looking forward to this book. I wish it were written be Geoff Johns based on the fantastic classic era Titans story he did in The Teen Titan's East special. Winnick has to prove himself on this book.

#3 GREEN LANTERN CORPS #23 - I'm glad were back to the Mongul storyline. Also with countdown I'm wondering where this epilogue to the Sinestro Corps storyline falls for Kyle during countdown. Is it before or after?

#4 GREEN ARROW BLACK CANARY #7 - I'm digging this book, but the last issue fell a little flat.

#5 JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #14 - Based on the previews this Gog story line isn't anywhere near done. I am a bit bored by it. Also i wonder if the cover is supposed to be reminiscent to the DC universe promos on purpose


#6 LAST DEFENDERS #2 (OF 6) - I think Colossus is a Skrull. I wonder if that will be the point of this mini.

#7 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 3 - Last issue brought us the pimpness of Darkseid sitting on Mary Marvel's couch. I hope this issue we find Darkseid in Vibe's hammock.

#8 TINY TITANS #3 - Somehow, despite putting it on my pull list, my comic shop forgot to save a copy of Tiny Titans 2 for me. So I'll see if I grab 2 and 3 this Wednesday.

#9 BATMAN DEATH MASK #1(0F 4)- I'm not a fan of manga art. I dropped the Raven miniseries DC's doing due to the insufferable manga art style. I'm going to give manga art another shot in this manga version of Batman, which potentially could be very interesting. I'm going to stick with this for four issues, and hope that the storytelling is strong.

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