Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser and Vundablog Analysis

It has arrived, and it does not disappoint. It is dripping in style and cool. I love everything about this trailer. The way the music plays, the shots chosen, and the voice over. So far JJ has me at hello.  Let me take you through what were the major highlights for me. 

I love the cuteness and uniqueness of this droid. Ihope he plays a big part. It might be a weird dynamic to add a third droid to a perfect two man team, but if anyone can pull it off it's JJ. Do you think this droid is all practical, all cgi, or a mix of both?

The vehicle design is magnificent. Things look real and like a natural progression from the original trilogy. I love this massive speeder bike thing that looks like a popsicle and have no doubt there will be like twelve toys of it.

No list of this trailer's awesome would be complete with out mentioning the cross guard light saber. It looks menacing and unique and just all kinds of badass. The look of the bleak snow covered wood, by a cloaked figure is reminiscent of Game of Thrones or the Lord of the Rings in a good way.

Finally the grand daddy, the one the only the Millennium Falcon. How we've missed this ship. Seeing it flying around and fighting tie-fighters on Tatooine is impressive and makes you realize why you've missed this old ship so much.

I'm excited.

Thanks J.J.

Now I can't believe we have to wait a year.


Julian Perez said…
My favorite part is that the main character (?) is played by John Boyega, who I remember as the very cool, laconic, serious main character in the amazing ATTACK THE BLOCK (which was my favorite movie of 2011, basically GOONIES in the ghetto). I'm delighted, because I thought John Boyega would end up one of these cult actors like Bruce Campbell who I love, but the broader culture ignores.

So, the main character is a "good guy" ex-stormtrooper? That's actually really great. And the other main character is what appears to be a Fremen from Arrakis. What I like about Star Wars is that the characters have humble origins.

The one part about the trailer that I find a little iffy is the sight of TIE fighters in an atmosphere. I understand this sounds super-nerdy, but aren't TIE Fighters designed the way they are because they are designed to be space-borne and non-atmospheric? X-Wings can take off from a planet, but they have an aerodynamic airplane shape.

Well, it looks great. The thing I loved the most about Star Wars is how everything had a sense of reality; vehicles had scuffed paint, for instance. That's something the more antiseptic prequels didn't have: everything looked as stylized, chromed out and unreal as if it was designed by Frank R. Paul for an AMAZING STORIES cover from 1940. The bright banana yellow starfighters in the first prequel looked like they were designed by Ming the Merciless. I am very happy to see Star Wars move away from that visual aesthetic.
Julian Perez said…
The problem with all of J.J. Abrams's movies is, they're all written by...well, idiots: Orci and Kurtzman come to mind, or Lindelof. This one, though, is written by Kasdan, an old Hollywood pro who wrote my favorite Western ever: SILVERADO.

An old, skilled hand with the basic story structure and plot can let JJ's tremendous ability to visually storytell do its thing and be successful. JJ is at his best doing that very Spielberg trick of making it absolutely clear what's happening in a scene. As in THIS CHARACTER IS SAD NOW, or THIS CHARACTER IS ANGRY.
Vundablog said…
John Boyega as an ex-storm trooper is pretty cool too. I also greatly enjoyed Attack the Block.

I love overall how all the snippets of the strom trooper outfits make them look pretty tough and badass. I think JJ is staying away from comedic villains like the battle droids in the Hayden Trilogy. He's going to give back a little of the cool and fear that comes from being in the empire.

Haven't seen Silverado gotta check that out.

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