Fake Fighting Frenzy: Why WWE Must Turn Roman Reigns Heel (or reunite the Shield)

Roman Reigns has had seven (seven) opportunities at the WWE championship in the past year and has won it twice with a third title reign (no pun intended) seemingly inevitable. Why does WWE Creative possibly think we're still buying the idea that the Authority is actively working against his success? The only thing that makes sense at this point is for the Authority and Reigns to have been in it together all along. But then what does that mean for Roman Reigns v. Triple H at WrestleMania? How could you even book a Roman Reigns heel turn at this point? You would have to add a third person--a babyface. John Cena? Ugh, that's a depressing prospect but at least it would make sense and Roman Reigns could be the Authority's hand-picked heel champion and it could set up what could be a really good John Cena v. Roman Reigns title match at WrestleMania 33. Seth Rollins? He probably won't be back at 100% in time for WrestleMania but if he could be, he would be perfect. You can almost feel it coming--Seth Rollins returning as a babyface--can't you? Which brings me to the only other way WWE can salvage Roman Reigns v. Triple H: reuniting The Shield.

Picture this: the League of Nations was supposed to "take out" Roman Reigns this past Monday night before they got booted from ringside, right? Let's say that keeps happening. The League of Nations keeps trying to take Reigns out but gets foiled at the last minute in one way or another. Roman Reigns v. Triple H at WrestleMania is deemed a No DQ match and it seems inevitable that the League of Nations will beat Reigns to a pulp and make sure Triple H walks out with the belt.

Roman Reigns comes to the ring with Dean Ambrose to watch his back but it's not enough. Vince and Stephanie McMahon sit ringside to watch and when it looks like Roman Reigns is about to win the match, Vince signals to the back and the League of Nations comes out and starts wailing on Reigns. Ambrose comes in and helps and they start to fight them off but eventually they're both getting beat to hell. Triple H has Roman Reigns in the Pedigree, taunting the crowd, when from the third or fourth row, a hooded figure with a skull mask and black pants jumps the railing with a nightstick and takes out every single member of the League of Nations, before standing face to face with a shocked Triple H, who still has Roman Reigns in the Pedigree.  The man removes his shades and hood and it's SETH BY GOD ROLLINS.

AT&T Stadium is losing it's collective mind. Triple H starts freaking out but before he knows what's going on, Roman Reigns gives him a stiff shot to the nuts and Rollins nails him with the nightstick. Reigns and Ambrose stand, mouths agape, staring at their former brother and betrayer. Listen, he says, without a mic, I'm sorry. You don't have to trust me. He points at Triple H. But he has to be stopped. And he sticks his fist out. Ambrose and Reigns look at each other. Reigns shakes his head and gestures no and mouths something to Dean but Dean puts his hand out and says Hey...what do we have to lose? and balls his hand into a fist and places it next to Seth's. They both stare intently at Roman and Roman stares intently at their fists. He closes his eyes and shakes his head and says You're right. F*ck it, and puts his fist next to theirs.

110,000 people are GOING ABSOLUTELY APE SHIT. Roman Reigns gives Seth Rollins a hard shove into the corner and Seth recoils. Roman Reigns stares directly into his eyes for a few seconds and unleashes the most guttural, primal "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH" ever. Seth's face lights up and he shoves Roman back, leaps out of the ring and starts pulling the cover and the monitors off of the announce table. AT&T Stadium is EXPLODING. Roman and Dean beat on Triple H a little bit and then put him through the announce table with a ferocious triple powerbomb. Roman pulls Triple H into the ring to cover him and that's when the League of Nations wakes up and attacks as Triple H rolls out of the ring. The Shield clears the ring in trademark fashion to HUGE crowd eruptions. Dean and Seth take the League of Nations out again on the outside with dueling suicide dives. Triple H attacks from behind and Pedigrees Roman but he kicks out at 2.9 and Triple H is incensed. As Dean and Seth continue to brawl with the League of Nations on the outside, Triple H goes and gets a chair but Reigns Superman Punches it into his face, Spears him and pins him.

Now THAT'S how you end a WrestleMania...


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