How WWE Can Save the Main Event(s) of WrestleMania 32

The problems are well-documented. For starters, no matter how hard WWE tries, the fans continue to reject Roman Reigns. Not only is he still incredibly green on the mic but the way he's been booked, beyond being SuperCena-esque, just plain doesn't make any sense. The Authority has made it plain and clear that they don't want him within 100 miles of a WWE championship opportunity and yet he has had SEVEN of them in the last year and won the title twice. In fact, the last time he won it, Vince McMahon more or less handed him the opportunity on a silver platter, despite his having lost his previous opportunity less than 24 hours ago via completely legal outside interference.

Moreover, Shane McMahon has returned for a match with the Undertaker with control of Raw on the line and the motivations are all screwy. Why would the Undertaker just allow himself to be used as Vince's pawn and why would he possibly want to fight to keep The Authority in charge? Wouldn't he just lay down for Shane? Beyond his well-documented rivalry with Triple H, WWE has gone out of their way to portray the entire locker room as despising The Authority, to the point where you just assume that every wrestler hates them by virtue of being employed by them.

So. Here's my theory...

Vince has wanted Roman Reigns all along. Reigns is EXACTLY the kind of champion he had in mind when he was railing against Daniel Bryan. Triple H and Steph legitimately hate him and want to make his life as difficult as possible but have secretly been getting orders from Vince to keep giving him championship opportunities. Beyond that, Vince is certainly not blind to the ratings and is, therefore, actually in cahoots with Shane to get The Authority removed from power. He doesn't want to tip his hand to Triple H and Steph before WrestleMania, so he forces Shane to compete in an ostensibly impossible match for control of Raw.

Shane v. Undertaker is the first of the two main events. About halfway through, Vince comes out with the League of Nations and helps Shane defeat the Undertaker and take control of Raw, turning Shane ambiguously heel. Then, in the main event, Shane and Vince both come down with the League of Nations to help Roman Reigns defeat Triple H, which will officially turn both Shane McMahon and Roman Reigns heel--Shane officially turns heel with the Roman Reigns haters and Reigns officially turns heel to his fans. Reigns, Vince, and Shane embrace over a bloody, broken Triple H with Steph crouching by his side screaming and they and the League of Nations all raise each other's hands as we fade to black.


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