Post-Supercon 2018 Daze of Future Past

Good day Universe,

10 panels were conquered.  We had a blast meeting, connecting,  making airhorn mouth noises, entertaining, and Saying Jack Sparrow repeatedly at the DCFU Panel at Florida Supercon 2018. We have some video, photos, and many podcasts for you in the extremely near future. Let Supercon know you dug us and want us back, and rate us 5 stars on their app and on whatever podcast app or rating system your nerddom holds dear.

To brighten your day today, I leave you a memory from our Vunda-past. One of the most fulfilling fucks in Stephen's adult life. The time he played Let Us Fuck! On an episode of Jay and Silent Bob 152. The Rare Moment both me and Kev were equally unshaven! When world's collide.

And also for you! A sampling of things to come hot off Supercon sizzle we snagged an advance screening of the Good Exorcist.

Another film made for 7,000 under tremendous adversity but it seems with great skill and style by the demonically gifted Josh Stifter from the El Rey Network Docu-Series Rebel Without a Crew Season 1.  You can watch to whole thing on by July 30th!!!! WATCH all 12 episodes now for free!

Here's a commercial for his protagonist Father Gil.

Josh also has some Smod connections of his own. Damn Synergy!

Tab City Under Constrcution Coming SOON!


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