So I've been focusing all day on studying for a test tommorow and making photoshopped Images. I'm trying to use these concepts to promote this Kickstarter and in my small minute never get any traffic way. I hope I am being of help and not a detriment to the cause. Hopefully I haven't annoyed people and lost funders. Hopefully more people start sharing them. Hopefully 48 hours is enough time. If it's not funded when I wake up. I'm going to keep on studying, reviewing, and cranking out. Go Team ADvantageous! If I have to I'll pull out the Trek card and pump this mofo up a notch. Please Share! Please Donate to ADvantageous: the feature at

it started at

then I posted up the previous 2 ASSKICKING KICKSTARTERS

click read more to see how high it went?

it took a hit at

and then it chugged along forward.

and now I sleep gonna work on these below tommorow. If we're not funded soon I will boldly go and invoke the aid of the Federation of Trekfans. I will also be studying and taking a test. Please Share, spread the word, and more importantly DONATE.


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