B &R : Batman & Robin: THE PUNS

Oscar Wilde would be proud.

I have to be perfectly honest: I've always LOVED "Batman & Robin." Initially, I'm sure I had the same reaction to it everyone else did. There's no denying it's a steaming pile of film but it's MY steaming pile of film. Actually, I was 12 when it came out, so I'm pretty sure I've always loved it.  There was probably a few years in there where I thought I was "better" than this movie or whatever, but I soon learned the ironic awesomeness of Joel Schumacher's relentlessly campy Batman installments.

It is, therefore, my distinct pleasure and privilege to present to you, our esteemed Vundablog audience, a video that, for the first time ever, truly captures the essence and the beauty of BATMAN & ROBIN...


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