I got poked! starring Jenny Jen, The Skatewoman.

I love this party and I want to be in it. Because there's a triceratops, a tigerman, a Frankenstein monster, a mummy, a robot named Takito, anthropomorphized animals of all sorts, and even a pirate with his parrot. I discovered this through a poke on facebook.

 I went throught the rabbit hole of websites learned cool stuff about this original artist Jen and her Skatewoman concept which is really inventive.

 Follow the rabbit hole too. Enjoy. I think this is supercool can't wait to show my nieces and nephews. This is cool(in a way that I wish I was exposed to this when I was 8 or 10) and a really cool advertising technique of a poke. Subcribe follow and support her. I'll be scheduling some more posts to show off more of her great music and fun videos.

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