Here's a review for another book put our by local publisher Creature Entertainment. This book is called Tommy, and it's not about a pinball wizard

Tommy is the simple story of a very disturbed boy. As the comic opens Tommy the little boy in questioned is scared and hiding in a closet. He goes to make a dash for his room and just as he's about to reach success he's attacked by a menacing rabbit. This rabbit is Tommy's psychosis. Tommy's rabbit is about to do something unthinkable to Tommy when his mother interrupts and saves Tommy or his pet rabbit from a disturbing fate.

We're then shown Tommy's school teacher and principal talking about the problems of Tommy. The book builds to Tommy's first murder. First off, the art in the book by Juan Navarro is stylish and fluid, each page is unique and dynamic. The art elevates a simple story and makes it feel complex and deep. The writing credits go to John Ulloa and Al Bondiga who deliver a profane story that is bleak and engrossing. I enjoyed this book and really dig the stuff that Creature Entertainment is putting out.



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