Smodcat Saturday Share Time

For the past three months I have been suckling at the podcast teet of Kevin Smith's Smodcast Internet Pocast network. I enjoy the flagship Smodcast show which is  usually Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. Kevin Smith is of course the writer/director of the horror film Red State, and the man behind one my favorite film universes, the Viewaskewniverse. Scott his long time producer on films like Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,Clerks and Clerks 2. Scott's also a write in his own right having penned a some Ultimate Spider-man cartoons on Disney XD.
On Smodcast Kev and Scott talk about their scrotal and anal health Star Wars, Kev's high school production of Grease, Aquaman's life, basically anything pop culture, and anything remotely interesting. Usually turning it all into a bunch of blowjob and sex jokes. Naughty words abound and the material is extremely adult. I love it. As Kev would say His aural makes my ear pussy orgasm like crazy. The fine folks at Smodcast have turned clips from their pods into short animations, that I will now share with you. 


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