Joy of joys! My IMAX 3d screening of the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey had the first 9 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness. For context as to how biased I am towards this series. I saw the first Abrams Star Trek film in theatres not once, not twice, but eleven separate times. I was blown away by the film each lens flare was glorious and poignant. The performances are vibrant, raw, and every character gets a moment in the sun. It was a lot of setup but also a lot of classic memorable moments too.

This movie starts off softly as we see a couple male and female in future London. They wake up, do their morning routine and go off to visit their ill daughter. At the hospital where she is being treated,  Bennedict Cumberbatch's character walks over and tells them he can help them, ominously.

 Cut to an alien world and field of red plants, and two hooded figures run out of the jungle like Jack Sparrow or Indiana Jones, chased by white tribal looking aliens. The people in hoods are Kirk and Bones. After hanging some scripture on a tree the natives leave them be as the two jump off a cliff into the ocean(as shown in the trailer) and swim down with technological aid to the Enterprise submerged below this planet's sea. Meanwhile, Spock jumps into the volcano on this planet in a bad ass lava proof suit, and attempts to stop the eruption with a super space ice cube. The prime directive is invoked in dialogue and the sequence builds to them teasing that Spock will burn to death in this volcano. However, I think Kirk might just save him.



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