Burning Bush with Letterman

This week on Burning Bush an interview with George W Bush for the David Letterman show. The interview appears ot be during the 2000 election. At the 1:40 mark or so W starts makes a hilarious observation that due to the perception that he is unable to speak simply saying his name in a simple sentence has become a huge winning factor him. Ughh. Also Letterman asks George the hard questions about capital punishment, and as result George Bush proclaims capital punishment a serious business and his face at the moment with his mouth agape in thought he reitierates "it is a serious business". Bush at around 5:00 proclaims proudly "I don't know" when it comes to death penalty statistics. If only that could've been his campaign slogan "W: I Don't Know". Letterman also aks Bush about the Yemen situation during the debates at 6:56 into the video bush responds proudly stating "If I found out who it was. They'd pay a serious price." and then "That means they're not gonna like what happens to them". Oh W. The W must stand for Wacky.



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