POP CULTURE HEROES: Kevin Smith's Intimate session

Kevin Smith is one of my favorite pop-culture icons. On my personal Mount Rushmore of directors that influence me he's got the Abe Lincoln spot. As you can tell from previous blogs, I really dig his smodcast internet radio network. I first discovered him as a filmmaker though.

The first time a Kevin Smith project caught my eye was Mallrats. I was nine years old at the time and I saw tv spots for the film. I instantly thought it was cool and looked like something I had to see. I wouldn't see it for another 4 years. Cut to the year 1999 my brother Gabby and his then girlfriend Jeanette who practically lived at the movie theatre every weekend at this time. Head out on a date to see it. I remember asking them about the movie after their return. It must of been somewhere in their response that I learned about the filmmaker Kevin Smith and Jay and Silent Bob the stoner heroes who are in four major feature films. That Christmas of '99 my mom asked me for help buying gifts for my brothers. I came up with a bunch of gift ideas, one of which was buying Dogma and all four of Kevin Smith's films on DVD  for my brother. My brother received them for Christmas but I don't  think he ever even watched them. As I quickly took up possession of Chasing Amy, Clerks, and Dogma. There wasn't a good edition of Mallrats out at the time. I watched those DVDs religiously every special feature and every commentary. In 2005 I bought the suped up 10th anniversary DVD of Mallrats. Where the films really came alive for me though was in the commentary tracks. Smith and the View Askew crew which have now become the Smodco are entertaining and give true insight into the social aspect of the creative process. I could talk all day about Kevin Smith, but why rob him of the pleasure when he does it so well. I'll continue my personal filmography with Kevin in another post. Suffice to say I love Kevin Smith.

  Here is an epicly close, almost one on one chat with Kev. That feels so intimate it's rare, as he is usually up in front of hundreds if not thousands.


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