Saturday Smodcast Share Time: Walt Flanagan Draws pt. 1

This week I thought we should share a comic related tidbit. Walt Flanagan does a SIT show called Walt Flanagan Draws. Here we see Walt render and tells us about some of his favorite heroes and villains.

I'm a Deadshot fan love his design as Walt points out, his design is of Boba Fett greatness. I love the character and his pencil thin mustache. I dig the full Deadshot mask as opposed to his current TV and video game renditions, where he has an open mouth more like Batman. I like how in Batman comics he's sort of a Bizarro version of Batman. Only his obsession isn't the bat in the window but the barrel of the gun.

Batmite is a fun character and in the hands of a great writer like Grant Morrison or Paul Dini the character can really work. For an amazing Fatman on Batman view on the character check out the the Diedrich Bader episodes.

The Joker is of course the villain of all villains in comic books. His design is so pimp and yet creepy, while being fun and accesible to all ages, is the comic book dream. I love how the Joker and Batman illustrate the comedy and tragedy relationship at the heart of all storytelling. Plus Walt draws a great pervy Joker.

This is too much fun. Me thinks it's time to go through all the eps of Walt Flanagan draws.


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