drag me to hell

Sam Raimi is back at his best. I hated Spiderman-3 loved Spider-man 2 and absolutely love Drag Me to Hell it's a rare experience when you realize you are going to love a film after only 15 minutes. Some movies that can elicit this are Easy Rider, Th Dark Knight,

Star Wars A New Hope, Hellboy, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Desperado, Kill Bill, Ghostbusters,
True Romance, The Running Man, the Goonies, Total Recall,
and Star Trek 11 to name a few. This film is one of those few simply for the way and style in which the DRAG ME TO HELL title card is shown. It feels so Grindhouse and cool. This film would fit in perfectly as a modern day Grindhouse it's strange how this film feels like a modern day period piece.
I am flabbergasted at the skill Raimi shows in turning mundane items like a handkerchief and an old ladies teeth and turning them into iconic horror props, pop-out scares, to gross, frightening, disturbing, and hilarious effects.
I would have loved to see the film with Ellen Page in th lead but I'm pleased with the product we recieved the acting on all fronts is superb.
The seance scene is great as is the graveyard sequence and opening teaser.
The film moves along pretty brickly and despite the satanic elements is actually a pretty okay family film for a liberal family. Justin Long for some reason is so loved by the audience that when his characters immortal soul is put in jeopardy the audience actively roots for the protagonists well deserved demise. Raimi should stick to these horror films for college k,ids and thriteen year olds and pass on the Spider-man job to someone with less skill in the horror field. Raimi is still a god of horror. Evil Dead 4 better be in the works.
I look forward to a series of these Drag me to Hell films and I can't wait for "Drag me 2 Hell" or "Drag me From Hell" or "Drag 3 to Hell" OHHH! TRADEMARK that quick.


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